2014 Harley Davidson Rushmore Reflex Linked ABS Brakes

We know not all our customers will be fans of the technology infiltrating its way into our favourite brand motorcycle. However for those who are interested here is a video from 2014 which takes you through the 2014 Harley-Davidson® Rushmore Reflex™ Linked ABS Brakes system.

The system is claimed to not impede the more seasoned pro who would typically brake well but rather assist as when you best need it under duress and for those with poor braking technique.

Watch as you will the brief overview video below.

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Whilst we are looking at braking technology, and this will surely be said by some to take the dumb out of those that should not be riding in the first place; take a look at what Bosch is doing with braking and traction control as seen in the following video. Traditionalists can stop here or close your eyes.


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